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Ali hace 3 días


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aebelauyudifa hace 5 días

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Meri Haszler hace 2 semanas

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Stefanie Seevers hace 3 semanas


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Aly Chiman hace 4 semanas

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Rikky el 23/11/2018 16:08

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</a> Summers was an important economic adviser to PresidentBarack Obama during his 2008 campaign and first term. Afterheading the White House National Economic Council, he left theadministration in 2010 to pursue a private-sector career.
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</a> Baseball may never again see a player such as Rivera, and his exit (Sandman) has generated relief and sadness, celebrations and debates, as the fans and teams across the country and north of the border have said their goodbyes during the closer’s season-long farewell tour. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” will no longer blare from the PA system at Yankee Stadium when Rivera jogs onto the field to close the door on a home game.
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</a> William Christenberry&rsquo;s work documents the passage of time in his Southern childhood home and his love and respect for Hale County is evident in his pictures. He describes this as being sentimental but not nostalgic, and that living away has given his work perspective. Since the early Sixties Christenberry has always returned to Hale County each summer, his visits are the only time he takes photographs. The mainly un-peopled images speak of memories, death, and new life when the man-made finally disappears and nature once again becomes landlord.
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