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</a> The goal is to get them into housing as quickly as possible and provide social services to help them get back on their feet — in effect, to wean them off survival mode. When the immediate desperation of finding a safe place to sleep is gone, many homeless people can start to address their physical, behavioral and substance-abuse problems.

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</a> This backdrop and the past 66 years of separation, mistrust and aggression have forced Pakistan into recasting its history and its heritage in ways that create a blind spot where India used to be, Rumi noted.

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</a> HTC said last month it cut jobs at its U.S. offices, with a person familiar with the matter saying that 20% of positions there were eliminated. Analysts say further restructuring of the company&#8217;s global operations are likely to come as the company works to return to profitability.

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</a> But this long-term view has been lost on many of those who look to emerging market assets for a higher yield in the short term. Their ardor cooled when the Federal Reserve signaled it may soon ease the stimulus that has kept credit cheap, signaling higher interest rates ahead. That was coupled with signs of slower growth in key emerging markets like China and Brazil.

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</a> It also puts her in a position to place her stamp on one of the most inscrutable but influential institutions in the U.S. government. The Fed was established after a financial crisis in the early 20th century to provide emergency lending to banks during economic panics. Its role and powers have grown since, to regulating banks, stabilizing inflation and softening the blows of a volatile economy on the nation&#8217;s workforce. According to a law passed in 1977, the Fed is assigned to achieve what&#8217;s known as a &#8220;dual mandate&#8221; of maximum employment and stable prices.

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</a> Jones will be released because of a Texas law called Mandatory Supervision. Enacted in 1977, the law allowed all convicted criminals to be automatically released on parole after they complete a certain amount of calendar time and good conduct time, which includes participating in work and self-improvement programs, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice parole and mandatory release guide.

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</a> Solid U.S. jobs and services sector data bolstered thoseexpectations, causing the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasurynote to rise briefly above 3 percent on Sept. 5, a level notseen since July 2011. Bond yields move inversely to theirprices.

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